Black Tie Affair  – The Look, the Feel, and the Flow…...

goes for both the guests and the event. It is 7pm and guests are still arriving. Inside the venue, it is beautiful, elegant, and everyone is enjoying themselves. You can feel the power of the event before walking in. Beautiful ballroom gowns of every color adorn the hallway and black bowties at every look. People are twisting and turning to the music, sipping on champagne, savoring the hor d’oeuvres, and writing checks beyond the imagination. This signifies that your event is a hit. The boss is happy, investors are pleased, and patrons are loving the fine wine! Your event is a slam dunk!!

EnStyle is always happy to share the secrets to an awesome event.  Key factors to an awesome black-tie affair are food, music, venue, and decor. If you have the right combination of all four, you are well on your way to an awesome affair. The look – the venue and decor must be aesthetically pleasing. The feel – the food should be tasty and music just right. The flow – Entrances, exits, dance floor, and the ability to move around should flow well.

Other ideas to consider is the timing of your event, preparation and planning, activities, and finances. Having a black tie affair! EnStyle can help!