Food and Wine Pairing

According to AJ Experts, purveyours of fine foods, “There are no hard-and-fast rules to food and wine pairing, but there are some easy-to-remember guidelines that will help you learn what is best for your palate.

Look to match the body of the wine with the heaviness of the food.
Rich, full-bodied red wines will pair better with richly prepared dishes. Light to medium-bodied white wines will complement light salads and entrées.
Regional cuisine is always best with wines from the same region; for example, wines such as Chianti will pair best with foods and food styles of that region.
When pairing with desserts, the food should not be sweeter than the wine.
Full-bodied red wines pair better with meats, due to their high tannins. The tannins balance well with the fat content of the meats.
White wines with acidity pair well with foods that have been seasoned or accented with citrus.
Complementing or contrasting flavors can make any meal an exciting experiment.
Be adventurous and trust your palate.”

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