Destination Events

Are You Seeking To Do Work or Play?


Executive Travel

Take your office meeting on a brief vacation to a place across town, in a different state, or better yet, out of the country. Different places and spaces provide the perfect opportunity to introduce new workplace changes, concepts, policies, or procedures. You tell us where and when and with your assistance, we will find the perfect venue, schedule the necessary transport, and prepare the meeting facility. Conduct your meeting and then call it a day to play.

Family and Friends Affair

Looking to celebrate family and friends, or a milestone achievement? Let's celebrate in Maui, at Disney World, on a cruise, or at the finest resorts across America! You tell us where and when and with your assistance, we will plan, manage, and execute your next family outing.


Destination USA

Destination USA!! Have a big group and looking for something to do? Travel the USA, parts unknown. See the parts of America you been dying to visit. Not sure where you want to go, we will work with you to find your next adventure. Go USA!

Destination Abroad

With Destination Abroad, you and your group can go to any country of your choice. You can cruise, fly, or tour. If you need help setting up your travel abroad, let us know where you want to go, and we can work with you or your team to make it happen.

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